Are you slim and active? Then read on.

ITN Prodiuctions are looking for people who are slim, and have an active lifestyle – but are not “fitness fanatics”.  If you want to findout more, please read on:

Are you slim? – Would you be interested in taking part in a unique experimet?   ITN Productions are looking for people ro take part in an exciting new documentary.  Wewill closely follow the behavious and lifestyles of peole with slim physiques. How do slim peole avoid temptation? How much do they fidget? Using the latest science, could we find out if genes play a part in explaining their weight?

If you woud like more information about taking part, please email: with yur name, age and contact details.

Please note that they are not looking for people who are supfit or overly active, just ordinary people who happen to have slim physiques.

Terms & Conditions: Showing interest in taking part in the above programme is not a guarantee of selection/participation. ITN roductions will process your personal data in accordance with their privacy policy. Closing date for submissionsis 17th May. Only over 18 year olds should apply.