Boaters asked to take part in survey about London pre-bookable mooring option

1 July 2016

The Canal & River Trust is conducting a survey to gauge the level of demand for boaters wanting to visit the capital together with their interest in being able to pre-bookable
short-stay mooring ahead of their arrival
Matthew Symonds, boating strategy & engagement manager at Canal & River Trust, said:
“London’s waterways are busier than ever, with an extra 400 boats arriving in the capital over the past year. While it’s exciting to see new people coming onto the water, it does pose a problem when it comes to finding space for everybody. Boaters and boating organisations have told us thatthey are put off visiting London because they don’t think they will be able to find anywhere to moor. They may have heard this from other boaters, in the media, online or have experienced it first-hand.”
The Trust is planning to trial pre-bookable short-stay mooring spots that will let boats reserve a
place to moor and is asking boaters who want to visit London to carry out a short survey about
any previous experiences of boating in the capital. Providing a service that will offer the chance to reserve a mooring berth could save boaters arriving in the capital from being disappointed.
The Trust wants to find out what facilities boaters may want at such sites, and what they may expect to pay for them. These pre-bookable moorings will be another mooring option in addition to towpath and visitor moorings.
The Trust is inviting boaters with an interest in pre-bookablemoorings to complete the survey
between Friday 30 June and Friday 2 6 August.
The Trust will also be carrying out further engagement work including surveys of boaters and other
stakeholders in London over the coming months to help inform the London mooring strategy
Matthew continues:
“London is a cultural, historical and national treasure and we want all boaters to be able to have the opportunity to cruise its fantastic canals and rivers, as well as using them as a base to explore the city. We’re looking at ways to make it possible for
the limited space on its waterways to be shared fairly. Pre-bookable moorings are one option
we’re considering as part of the wider mooring strategy for London. We want to see what the appetite would be for them, and what boaters would expect they would
offer in terms of services. Please get in touch to let us knowyour views.”
The survey canbe found online at