Bollington Closure

Previous Update on 23/06/2016:

Following a successful start to works on site we can confirm that we do not plan to install stop planks at present.

We’ve been on site since Tuesday investigating ongoing leakage. We’ve located and filled a large hole in the bed of the canal. We have observed an immediate positive effect on the leakage into Bollington recreation ground.

Our contractors will continue bed repairs and grouting voids behind the wash wall during the rest of this week and will be working on site over the weekend.

We are optimistic that the repairs we are making now will avoid us having to drain the canal. We will review the leakage and bed condition on Monday and will provide a further update then.

Original message:

Unfortunately, the leak that we recently repaired at Bollington has reoccurred.
Following engineering inspection this morning we are immediately starting attempting repairs at the site, however, it’s not certain that these will be successful.

If this work does not stop the leak we will close the canal on Thursday 23rd June to allow us to drain the canal to allow the repairs to be completed.The closure will be between bridges 26 and 27.  We are suspending moorings between bridges 26 and 27 with immediate effect, in anticipation of the need to drain the canal.

We know that this will be disappointing news. Want to assure our customers that we are working as quickly as possible to complete this repair and minimise disruption.
We will provide a further update by the end of the day on Thursday 23rd June.

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