Can you help CBS News?

CBS News are planning a story for our broadcast CBS This Morning Saturday, that we hope to shoot in a couple of weeks, on canal living in London.  I’ve spoken to the Canal & River Trust and we are looking to find a few narrow boat owners, ideally two or three separate boat owners and wondered if RBOA members might be able to help.  We’d like to talk to people who illustrate the range of people living on the canals.

From what I’ve read on London narrow boat residents, we’d like to find some owners who choose to live a little way out of the city so they can get to and from central London easily (possibly working there) but choose narrow boat living for the pace of life it allows on the outskirts of the capital and its proximity to nature. We’d be keen to talk to any owners for whom this is or has been a way of life for years.

We’d also love to talk to some more recent owners, who find the lifestyle allows them to enjoy living in the heart of the city, whilst enjoying a distinctive community and way of life,  with much lower overheads than bricks and mortar.  We would like to talk to owners who don’t have permanent moorings so that they can talk about the logistics of living on a narrow boat in London.  I understand that Kings Cross and Broadway Market are busy central London spots so we would be keen to talk to an owner there.

I hope to hear from some of you.

Eleanor Tuohy

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