Check Vents are Snow-free!

A message from Beryl McDowall:

As RBOA Rresentative on the Boat Safety Scheme Advisory Committee, I have just had an emergency message, asking if I can help alert boaters to the possible risk of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning.  I’m sure many of you are experiencing heavy snow and blizzard conditions.    The specific risk giving cause for concern now is that the snow could block ventilators, louvres, and so on, and that boaters mifght not be aware that this is happening, especially if they have “battened down the hatches” in order to keep their boat warm.

Graham Watts from BSS says:

“There are a weather warnings including two severe warnings. There will be lots of snow falling on boats and that means that, for those living on board, there will likely be blocked ventilators on roofs and against doors/bulkheads at lower levels, and at the same time heating appliances will be on continuously. These boaters could be at risk from carbon monoxide poisoning and they may not even notice it. We’ve been on social media trying to alert people to the potential risk.

We’re also trying to reach boaters who see a neighbouring boat that has snow blocking ventilators and is in obvious use e.g. smoke coming out the chimney, heat haze out of the gas heater terminal. We would like to call on community spirit to pass the message on to those boaters about the potential danger. They may not be aware of our Twitter and Facebook alerts. The additional advice is that they should test carbon monoxide alarms as the ‘belt and braces’ back up.”

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