CRT publishes Winter Moorings Information

The Canal & River Trust is today publishing the list of sites it will be offering for winter moorings in 2016-17.

The Trust has picked a range of winter mooring sites across the country to offer boaters as wide a choice as possible.  There is a selection of sites near facilities, as well as quieter spots for boaters who want a bit more peace and quiet.  The Trust has listened to boaters’ feedback on last year’s winter mooring spots and has made changes to reflect their suggestions.

A final list of the winter mooring sites and prices can be found at  All winter mooring permits will be charged at a ‘per metre, per month’ rate, and boaters will be able to book the spots for one to five months.   As Easter falls later this year, winter moorings will be available from 1 November 2016 to 31 March 2017, as winter moorings won’t disrupt the start of the summer cruising season.

This year winter moorings will be divided into four price bands, reflecting each site’s relative attractiveness, for example location and facilities, and to ensure the Trust stays in line with the pricing of both private mooring operators and its own long-term mooring sites.  Each local waterway has reviewed their sites and ranked them according to what’s available onsite or nearby.   Winter mooring sites have been ranked according to the following criteria.

Band 1:  £15 per meter/per month – a visitor mooring site with mooring rings or bollards, in/within walking distance of a popular village/town/location with local amenities.  There are good facilities at or nearby (including water, elsan, pumpout and rubbish facilities) and good public transport links (for example the site is close to a station/public transport routes or, in London, is in travel zone 1-4).

Band 2:  £13.50 per metre/per month – a visitor mooring site with mooring rings or bollards, in/within walking distance of a popular village/town/location with local amenities.  This site has good facilities (most including water, elsan, pumpout and rubbish facilities).

Band 3:  £10.00 per metre/per month – this could be a visitor mooring or towpath site with some facilities on site or within a short cruise.  The site is likely to be quite close to a village or town.

Band 4:  £6.50 per metre/per month – a quieter towpath location, which doesn’t have any facilities on site.

Both continuous cruisers and boaters with a home mooring will be able to take up a winter mooring.  However, as with last year, boaters who are not meeting their licence requirements may not be eligible.

Bookings for the winter moorings will open on 3 October 2016, and will be made through the Trust’s boat licensing site:  Boaters will be able to look at sites on the system from the beginning of September.

Mike Grimes, head of boating at Canal & River Trust, said:  “We offer winter moorings as an additional service for boaters and they’ve proved popular for those who want somewhere to moor up when the weather and long nights can make a day’s cruising seem less enticing.  This year we’ll be offering winter moorings for the five months from November to March and are providing a wide range of options, from rural, out of the way spots to full-service moorings with good links to city centres.  We hope that every boater who wants a winter mooring will find something to suit them.  As always, we are keen to hear your feedback, so please get in touch with any comments and suggestions.”

If you have any questions about winter moorings please call customer services on 0303 040 4040 or email