Families with Children on Boats

Families with Children on Boats

RBOA has received the following request.  If you can help, or if you know of a family who might fit the bill, please contact Clare, who writes:

I am a Managing Editor at Raintree publishers, based in Oxford. We publish educational children’ books, mainly used in schools and libraries.  I am currently developing a book called Living in the United Kingdom. I t will be a 32-page book for children aged 7-9 and will feature lots of examples of the types of places families can live in the UK.  For example, we’d like to feature farms, tower blocks, stately homes, caravans, detached houses, terraced houses, country cottages etc etc.
We would really like to feature some real life families with photos and some interesting snippets of information about their lives. And this includes a family living on a boat. Do you happen to know anyone, though your work for the RBOA, who might like to be featured? Ideally with school-age children.

Thank you so much for your help.
Clare Lewis

Clare Lewis
Managing Editor, Classroom
Raintree Publishers
Halley Court
Jordan Hill

T: 01865 312239
F: 44 (0) 845 6043754