Henley Reach: Phyllis Court Club to Upper Thames Rowing Club


Sunday 29 April 2018 – 8am to 1pm
Phyllis Court Club Spring Time Trial
Directions for navigation and general information during this event:
 The navigation channel shall be established in the centre of the river.
 The race will take place from Upper Thames Rowing Club to the Phyllis Court Club.
 Crews will proceed to the start along the Berkshire, left side of the river.
 The racing course will be upstream along the Buckinghamshire, right side of the river.
 Marshalls will be afloat along the length of the course.
 Masters of all boats to maintain a safe speed and lookout between the Phyllis Court Club and Upper Thames Rowing Club.
 All boats must be navigated in accordance with any instructions given from Environment Agency control points or patrol launches.
 Those in charge of boats should be aware that they are responsible for avoiding collision and should use all available means appropriate to the circumstances and conditions to decide if there is a risk of immediate danger and avoid it.
 Bathing is not allowed in the river on the course during the hours of racing.
N.B. All directions as to left and right are given looking upstream.
Barry Russell MBE

24 April 2018
River Thames – river restriction
Nothing contained in these directions shall supersede those parts of the Thames Navigation Licensing and General Byelaws 1993 as may be relevant.
And Notice is hereby given, that it is provided by Byelaw 52 of the Thames Navigation Licensing and General Byelaws, 1993 that:
The master of any vessel shall except in an emergency not pass any boat-race regatta public procession or gathering for the launch of a vessel or any other event or function which may cause a crowd to assemble on or by the river nor station his vessel thereon in such a manner as would risk obstructing impeding or interfering with such boat-race regatta procession launching event or function or endangering the safety of persons assembling on the river or preventing or interfering with the maintenance of order thereon.
The maximum penalty for breach of the Byelaws is £1,000
Environment Agency, Kings Meadow House, Kings Meadow Road, Reading, Berkshire, RG1 8DQ