Latest EA Guidance to Boaters 5th June, 2020

Plan your journey
We have put in place measures to protect you and our staff. This means you may have to allow extra time especially if you are passing through any locks.

Navigate carefully and avoid areas marked with buoys.

Pay attention to our signs, especially at our facilities and locks.

We are resuming our service of assisted lock operation where we are able to do so safely. However, you may still have to operate some locks yourself.

Please follow any instructions our staff may give you.

Some of our visitor moorings may be busier than usual. If there is no space at a mooring please be prepared to look for an alternative place to moor – waterway maps and online guides provide information on mooring places.

Not all of our facilities may be open – check with our local teams.

We are only taking payments by card – if you need to purchase anything from our staff please ensure you have a means of card payment with you.

We do not have information on whether local shops or attractions are open.

Maintain social distancing
Respect Government social distancing guidance – stay alert, stay safe.
This applies in and around locks, even when your boat is moving through a lock.
Ensure anyone with you also observes social distancing.

Be kind
Social distancing means that it may take longer to pass through locks – please be patient with our staff and with other users.

Lots of people are coming to enjoy the waterways in many different ways.

Be patient at busy times and respect the need to share the waterways.
Wash your hands
Especially if you are handling any ropes, touching any gates or controls, using water points, sanitary facilities or electric points.

For the full Government guidance on coronavirus go to