Marina Offers Advice to its Moorers


The following information was sent out by Robert Neff, General Manager at Mercia Marina, to all their boaters.  It not only reiterates the general  advice issued by the media, but also offers specific advice for those who are based in a marina or boatyard. Whilst aimed at the moorers at ercia, it could equally well be followed elsewhere.

Robert writes:

“We know of no one with the virus at the marina and the risk of transmission here is low, but there are marina-specific routes of transmission to consider and actions you can take to reduce risk.

“If any Mercians are advised by their doctor to self-isolate, we will actively support that isolation, working with the community.

“Do not call your doctor, but ring the 111 NHS helpline if you have symptoms or concerns. To protect the service, marina First Aiders may not respond to call outs when flu-like symptoms are reported. From Monday, we will have a temperature gun in the office should people wish to take their temperature.

“The most likely routes of transmission in the marina are where you come into contact with people other than your immediate family which is the shared facilities, namely the facilities blocks and the office.

“Particularly those most at risk from the virus, such as people with pre-existing conditions (especially respiratory) and the elderly, should minimise exposure to others and maintain extra good personal hygiene by, for instance, washing your hands regularly and thoroughly as well as avoiding touching your face. Minimising exposure to risk means using the facilities blocks less and visiting the office less often and keeping those visits as brief as possible.

“If you feel you have been exposed to the virus or are exhibiting symptoms, to avoid passing it on do not use the shared facilities and let us know in order for us to actively assist you self-isolating.”