RBOA’s Response to Broads Authority Consultation on Local Plan

I am responding to this consultation on behalf of the Residential Boat Owners’ Association (RBOA). The RBOA is the only organisation which exclusively represents and promotes the interests of people living on boats in the British Isles. We represent those who have chosen to make a boat their home.
The RBOA is pleased to note that its comments made in response to the first stage of the Local Plan production process have been noted and are generally well represented in the second stage. We have therefore few additional comments to make.
In response to policies PODM30, moorings, mooring basins and marinas, and PODM35, new residential mooring criteria we wish to make the following additional point.
The RBOA advocates the inclusion of at least a few residential moorings at all appropriate mooring basins and marinas. This is important in supporting the viability of the businesses that may rely on income from such moorings. Boating activity naturally slows down out of the main season and this can make the sustainability of such businesses difficult. Residential moorings will sustain a demand for services and supplies throughout the year and may actually provide the income to enable businesses to increase the services for visiting leisure boats.
Along with this are the well established benefits of residential moorings, including added security,  particularly during the winter period when the management may not have a regular presence on site.
The RBOA notes the reference in the document to possible residential moorings at Brundall Riverside (POBRU 2-6) and Stalham Staithe (POSTA 1) and will be pleased to support these at the appropriate time.
The RBOA has responded separately to the issues regarding definition of houseboat and is pleased to note your confirmation that you are broadly in agreement with the definition used in the Housing and Planning Act 2016.
We thank you for the opportunity to respond and we would be obliged if you could notify us of future developments in the Local Plan.

Ivor Caplan
Planning Officer,
Residential Boat Owners’Association