Show consideration to all waterway users

RBOA Officers were concerned to hear of a case where boaters had moored together, with little regard for social distancing, to hold a BBQ on the towpath, making access difficult for other users. They apparently showed little concern for other users,including dog walkers. They were friendly enough and enjoying themselves and none of that was an issue. Unfortunately the next morning a dog walker discovered they had thrown the residue from their BBQ into the undergrowth. The dog disappeared several times into the hedgerow, reappearing with chicken bones. Whilst the BBQ rubbish had been placed where it was nicely invisible to the boaters, it was accessible to the dogs of the many dog walkers who walk the route daily, with inherent potentially serious consequences for any animals which ate the chicken bones.

RBOA encourages its members to set a good example by behaving responsibly,in line with Government guidelines on actions during the Coronavirus pandemic. If you display RBOA stickers on your boat, please ensure that your actions demonstrate that you follow the RBOA’s recommended RBOA Code of Good Practice, by behaving and showing consideration to all users of our waterways. Thank you.