From the Tiller

by Charles Foster

Crick is upon us again and as usual we will be attending the Show and look forward to welcoming many members old and new at the stand to say hello, fi nd out more about your concerns and above all what we should be doing to represent you, our members, on the Inland Waterways.

The Association has been busy representing our needs to the different very varied array of clubs, other associations and managing bodies over the last couple of months, hopefully getting the message across that residential boaters are GOOD FOR ALL COMMUNITIES, adding diversity, voluntary workers and being good upholders of the environment.

A theme we are trying to get over is that the RBOA has your interests at heart from CRADLE TO GRAVE. We are investing a lot of time and research into putting together a resource to assist boaters, not only from the starting point of buying your boat and living afl oat but also to that of having a document to assist in dealing with life’s problems as they occur to us boaters and how they can be overcome, especially in later years. Your input and experience in dealing with matters would be much appreciated to assist in getting the right information in dealing with health issues, disabilities, leaving or being able to continue on the waterways etc.

We are also looking to produce a really effective Mooring Agreement which will, as much as possible, be sensible and effective to both moorers and landlords. Many existing agreements really are not fit for purpose, so most defi nitely this is the time to put in place a new agreement. I shall be approaching many mooring providers, developers, councils and regulatory bodies over the next few months with a proposal. Again it is up to you guys to have your say so let me know what you think would be a sensible mooring agreement, services provided, length of a tenancy, get out clauses for both parties, just to name a few. I am sure that you will have many other areas that need covering.

The main point to remember is that in any contract the terms need to be mutually acceptable to both parties. In the case of most mooring agreements they are solely based on leisure use and not high usage residential, which is the main cause for problems that arise. Changes are happening in the house rental market so why not carry this forward onto the water based mooring arena?

I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible attending the Crick Show, which I hope will be fun for all.

Your views on all these matters are important for the RBOA to move ahead; please contact us.

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