Tingdene update

Hi everyone yet again, as you know we won in the First Tier Tribunal last November the
decision was that Jan’s caravan on Hartford Marina was indeed a caravan and
therefore has security of tenure under the Mobile Homes Act. However, Tingdene, have
now applied and been granted an appeal which will be heard in the Royal Court of
Justice in London later this year. The final decision affects all the mobile homes on the
marina, this is what we have been fighting for, a proper residential licence. Our QC
doesn’t feel that we will lose as Jan lives in a caravan albeit on a floating pontoon as can
be seen in the photo. Tingdene are arguing that the unit includes the float and cannot be
determined as a caravan under the Mobile Homes Act. You can imagine the stress that
Jan and her son are going through. Every month she pay her mooring fees and every
month Tingdene returns them!!! The stress she is being put under is unforgivable, we
all need to have security where we live.

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