Virtual briefings in May on Oxford transport proposals, for Residents’ and Community Associations

County and City council officers would like to meet representatives of your Residents’ or Community Association to talk about transport plans for Oxford including the wider city centre Zero Emission Zone, new Traffic Filters and Workplace Parking Levy. We are contacting our Local Plan database because these proposals are equally strategically important. The plans were launched earlier this year with details available at:


The proposals will be presented in full in a public consultation starting in the summer. The consultation will also include supporting information.


The meetings we would like to arrange with resident association representatives in the near future will be an opportunity, ahead of the public consultation, for you to ask questions about the proposals and to comment on aspects of the scheme that you think are likely to most affect those living in your area of the city. The feedback received will help the councils as they further develop the proposals and to better prepare material about them for the summer consultation.


We are proposing to hold 3 virtual briefings (via Microsoft Teams) on the dates set out below and we would be very grateful if you could indicate which of these you would like to attend. We are happy for up to three people from your association to attend a briefing. If no one from your association is available on these dates, but you would like to hear more from us and ask questions etc., please let us know and we will be in touch to arrange an opportunity for this to happen.


17.30-19.00 – 11 May

9.00-10.30 – 13 May

19.00-20.30 – 19 May


We are forwarding this email to local City and County councillors in case they want to join one of the residents’ and community association briefings.